BEATUS Inc. is always looking to hire those who love food and aim to build a fulfilling life through their work. Please feel free to apply regardless of experience.

Job Positions Open

  • Store Manager/Head Chef Candidate
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Service Staff
  • Delivery/Others/Headquarters Job

Hiring Areas

<Bar Department>
<Yakiniku Department>
<Grill Department>
<Yakitori Department>
<Washoku (Japanese Cuisine) Department>
<Headquarters Department>
EC site operation and management/Delivery work/Accounting /Corporate planning/Head sales office/etc.

Preferred Skills

English/Chinese, etc.
Sommelier/Sake sommelier, etc.
Excel/Word/Illustrator/Photoshop, etc.


<Full Time>

  1. Store Manager/Head Chef Candidate
    Monthly salary of 300,000–600,000 yen + bonus
  2. Kitchen Staff
    Monthly salary of 250,000–450,000 yen + bonus
  3. Service Staff
    Monthly salary of 250,000–450,000 yen + bonus
  4. Headquarters Job (driver’s license mandatory)
    Monthly salary of 200,000–400,000 yen + bonus

Bonuses are paid twice a year (June and December) but are exclusively for employees who have worked for a duration of more than 12 months.
Time Off: Seven days per month (shift system), paid holidays , special occasions, etc.

<Part Time>

Hourly minimum wage of 1,100 yen (training period also present)

Shifts could be any time between 11:00 a.m. to midnight
3–5 days per week; 4–8 hours per day

We will prioritize those who can work full time.
Depending on experience and skills, an hourly wage can go up to 1,400 yen.


  • All transportation costs covered
  • Pay raises as the occasion arises
  • Various insurance coverage (health insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, pension insurance)
  • Overseas training (Italy, USA, Singapore, etc.)
  • Meals provided (store staff only; not applicable for headquarters staff)
  • Uniforms provided (store staff only; no uniforms for headquarters staff)
  • Pay according to ability (e.g., an additional 50,000 yen if one is able to speak in English at a conversational level and use this language skill for job)
  • Independent support system
  • Various trainings (wine training, meat processing training, etc.)
  • Support system for obtaining a sommelier certificate
  • Opportunities for visiting production sites of Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese black beef), etc.
  • Relocation support for those moving to Tokyo from distant places